Mainspring Family Wellness is offering educational, social, and emotional wellness services for children and teens.


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Tutoring with Lynette Vieira

Mainspring Family Wellness is pleased to introduce Lynette Vieira, a seasoned educator with over 33 years experience teaching first grade at Harbor Day School. Mrs.Vieira is trained in the Lindamood- Bell LIPS program, Teachers College Reading and Writing Project at Columbia University, and Singapore Math. Mrs. Vieira is now available for tutoring at  the Mainspring Family Wellness Center.


To set up a tutoring session or consultation with Mrs. Vieira, email us at or call us at 949-478-1733

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Mental Performance Coaching Led by Rachel Hoeft, M.A.

Rachel offers social skills and individualized sports performance coaching.


We’ll target common concerns like confidence, performance anxiety, skill acquisition and game-day preparation.


Interested? Email us at or call us at 949-478-1733

Private Yoga and Mindfulness Classes with Rachel Peterson

Are you interested in having your child take classes with seasoned yoga instructor Rachel Peterson? She is now offering private class sessions!


To set up a private yoga session with Rachel Peterson, or if you have any questions, please email us at or call us at 949-478-1733

Developing a Pro Mindset for Youth Athletes with Asante Cleveland

Have your serious athlete join Former NFL player Asante Cleveland for 1 on 1 personal mental game coaching. Sessions designed to teach the essential elements of what it take to achieve at a high level in any sport, keep a steady mind, and push through mental obstacles.


6 session Package: $900


“Laying the Foundation”- In 6 sessions Asante will lead the student athlete through identifying where persistence, confidence building, setting realistic goals, humility, accurate self-evaluation and maximum effort are necessary to take their game to the next level.  This package is applicable for any sport.


12 session package: $1650


Building on the foundational class and personalizing where the athlete is challenged in their mental game. Asante will teach strategies, identify strengths and challenges, problem solve and support the athlete in developing the strongest mindset possible. This package is applicable for any sport!


Want to sign up? Email us at or call us at 949-478-1733

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Online Speech Therapy and Executive Functioning Coaching with Lynda LaGuardia, M.A.

Ms. LaGuardia is available for online speech therapy and executive functioning at Mainspring. As a highly trained speech therapist with 30 plus years experience, Ms. LaGuardia has proven results and has supported children and adults with speech issues and executive functioning.


Executive Functioning coaching: $150/hour

Speech therapy: $130/hour


Want to sign up? Email us at or call us at 949-478-1733

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Dr. Joshua Soto, MFT

Joshua Soto is a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist that has worked with children and adolescents since 2012.  Joshua’s goal is to help children overcome overwhelming anxiety, low self-esteem, and adjusting to changes at school or home.  Josh has experience working both in private practice and in schools providing individual counseling and social skills groups to grades K-12.  Joshua is honored to be working with Dr. Jenna Flowers to provide therapy services to Orange County and the surrounding areas. Josh also offers assistance to teens and young adults on their journey to overcome challenges that can become barriers, and guidance as they find their path forward into the world of young adulthood.  Josh has volunteered in the community with programs providing mental health services such as Pet Prescription Team and Comfort Zone Camp for bereaved children.


Want to sign up? Email us at or call us at 949-478-1733