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Mini Retreats

We believe in the power of family and friends coming together to have meaningful shared experiences. Our mini-retreats do just that by bringing the gift of wellness to you. 


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Friends & Family

We offer customizable mini retreats in your home. Invite friends over for a parenting class, a personalized yoga class, a cooking demonstration, mindfulness practice, art therapy, and so much more in the comfort of your own home! We will organize the teachers, the class curriculum, the facilitation of meaningful discussion, and catering so you and your guests can relax and enjoy your very own retreat.


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Philanthropic Projects

Hands on activities brought right to your home that benefit local Orange County charities and build empathy in children. With an educational component, kids will understand the activity, its importance, and the charity itself, as well as learn to think outside themselves while giving back to the community. We will help you select the charity and the activity for a fun and rewarding experience for your guests.


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Mainspring will also be offering corporate charity events and/or mini retreats for your employees and staff. A fun and heart warming charitable activity will offer a deeper connection and team building opportunity in your office space. We will facilitate the exercise, organize the activity, and educate your team on the local charity. Let us help you make your office environment a happier place!


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Upcoming Retreats

Stay tuned for our upcoming retreats!

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