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One on one learning engages the whole child with fusion academy

Fusion Academy's Heads of School in Mission Viejo and Huntington Beach Venessa Kayrell and Robin Podway join Mainspring to share how reaching children who have previously struggled in the school traditional system because of learning issues, mental health issues, or needing an alternative scheduling for school are thriving, and even thriving during Covid.  Kayrell and Podway help assuage that it's never too late to develop critical thinking schools even if you feel like your child is behind because of the Pandemic.  This podcast also touches on twice exceptional students and how to support this very specific learner.


FEBRUARY 18, 2021


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Special Guests

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Robin Podway

Head of School at Fusion Academy Huntington Beach

Robin has worked in many areas of progressive education from early childhood through K-12. She has been involved in leading homeschooling classes, founding and directing a local charter school, elementary and middle school classroom teaching, and individualized Special Education planning and facilitation. She holds a B.A. from Antioch University in Child Studies, has a M.Ed. in Leadership and Change and a M.A. in Spiritual Psychology. She has also attended a California Special Education Teacher Credentialing Program. Her experience in and passion for the intersection of psychology and special education provides a critical lens for serving the students and families at Fusion Academy. She has been with Fusion for 10 years now, first working on the Los Angeles campus as the Director of Homework Café®, then as the Assistant Director, and now as Head of School in Huntington Beach for the past three years. 


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Venessa Kayrell

Head of School at Fusion Academy Mission Viejo

Venessa earned a B.S. in Cellular and Molecular Biology from California State University, Dominguez Hills, but quickly realized that a research-based career was not what she wanted for herself.  Having studied in both non-traditional and traditional educational environments, she felt drawn to Fusion’s unique setting that focuses on one-to-one teaching, fostering each child’s growth as a whole person, and bringing fun and engagement into the classroom. Venessa started her career at Fusion as a math and science teacher in 2011.  She spent several years in the classroom, joyfully sharing her passion for scientific inquiry with her students and serving as the Math and Science Department Head, beginning her role as a coach for the other teachers on her campus.  Venessa stepped into the role of Assistant Director in 2013 and for four years to follow she provided ongoing training and development, supporting teachers as they worked to provide a world-class educational experience for their students. Now, as Fusion Academy Mission Viejo’s Head of School, Venessa is dedicated to working toward the continued growth of each student by collaborating with parents, teachers, and professionals throughout their Fusion journey.


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