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Child at Psychologist

Interview with Tara Mackenzie, OT - Ep #5

Jenna and Kristen interview Tara Mackenzie, a seasoned Pediatric Occupational Therapist practicing in Orange County. Tara will define Occupational Therapy, discuss what she sees in her practice, and the benefits of some children seeing a pediatric therapist.


MAY 26, 2019


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Special Guests

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Tara Mackenzie, OT

Tara MacKenzie is a Pediatric Occupational Therapist at Learning In Motion Clinic located in a private home clinic setting in Newport Beach, CA. Graduating from Creighton University with a Bachelors in Occupational Therapy in 2002, Tara has 17+ years of experience providing quality pediatric treatment, evaluation, and consultation to children of all ages. Tara’s expertise primarily focuses on sensory integration and helping children meet their full physical, academic, social, and emotional potential. Tara has a wide array of experience in sensory processing issues, handwriting challenges, gross and fine motor delays, learning disabilities, autism, anxiety, and attentional disorders. Tara is SIPT (Sensory Integration Praxis Test) certified and trained in a variety of programs including the following:Handwriting Without Tears, Alert -How Does Your Engine Run, Therapeutic Listening, The Whole Brained Child, Astronaut Training, Zones of Regulation, Executive Function Strategies, Superflex Social Thinking, Picky Eating, and Reflex Integration.


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