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Supplementing Our Children's Education During Post Quarantine

Quarantine has hit families with school-age children very hard. So many parents are struggling with working from home and trying to salvage their children’s education for the year. Some schools have been able to adapt quickly and provide platforms to make this easier, and there have been some school districts that have not been able to make this transition as well, which has left parents feeling anxious and overburdened with how to best support their children during this crazy time. Founder of Seashore Academy, Marlene Dandler joins us to share a possible supplemental solution during this time that may be a helpful resource during quarantine, and also share some tips from seasoned homeschooling experience how to support families that have been thrust into teaching at home because of quarantine.


JUNE 3, 2020


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Special Guests

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Marlene Dandler

founder of Seashore Academy


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