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Developing a Pro Mindset for Youth Athletes with Asante Cleveland

Retired NFL Player Asante Cleveland of 49ers, San Diego Chargers, and Philadelphia Patriots fame knows quite a lot about what it takes to become a professional athlete.  Asante shares his story as a young athlete, the mentors he had that developed his skills, and most importantly how he developed the mental toughness necessary to play Division I Football and eventually in the NFL.  Now Asante has developed a program for youth athletes to grow their "Pro Mindset" at Mainspring Family Wellness Center.  Asante has such a passion for imparting wisdom and changing perspectives in young athletes, this is a show that will inspire  and great for your children to listen to as well.


FEBRUARY 5, 2021


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Special Guests

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Asante Cleveland

Mainspring is proud to present Former NFL Player Asante Cleveland offering 1on 1 mental game coaching for young athletes at Mainspring. Build confidence, move through mental blocks in sports and learn the foundation of what it takes to become a high performing athlete with Asante.


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